The DSO tab Fig. Double- clicking sets the respective date and brings the object to focus. You’ll see an entry there for “Advanced dialog fontsize”. Configured properly, they can act as reliable proxies of the real landscapes, so that you can take e. Note that while a landscape can include information about where the landscape graphics were taken planet, longitude, latitude and altitude , this location does not have to be the same as the location selected in the Location window, although you can set up Stellarium such that selection of a new landscape will alter the location for you. The optimal solution consists of a photo panorama which aligns perfectly with the measured line and features. After installation, Stellarium uses an online service which tries to find your approximate location based on the IP address you are using.

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Helvetios 51 Peg — Helvetios is Celtic for the Helvetian and refers to the Xscom tribe that lived in Switzerland during antiquity. For aligning, you should switch Stellarium to Stereographic projection for optimal results. Simply mark the sky, and then delete it. Because the web interface can be customized or completely replaced with some knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, another possibility is a kiosk mode, where untrusted users can execute a variety of predefined actions like starting recorded tours without having access to all Stellarium settings.

Accurate precession v0. Pressing now would go to Maia, but we want Mimas. You can also select the brightness here. Simply select Low dynamic range and press Calculate.


You may want to configure some minimal brightness here. Press Ctrl and slide the mouse along the direction of daily motion to go forward, or to the other direction to go backward. We will present the default hotkeys in this guide.

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Bretagnon and Francou, In this chapter you can find relevant information required to accurately configure Stellarium landscapes, using panoramas created from photographs taken on-site, optionally supported by horizon measurements with a theodolite.

Best used on Linux or Mac systems. Note that as of October Mesa Location Allows changing the location, like in section 4. The ablative form means where there is hope. To begin, I recommend Positions and View y, p, r, vwhich may find a new focal length slightly different from the data in the EXIF tags. On this tab, you also find the option to connect to the MPC and download current orbital elements, or load a text file in the format provided by MPC see figures Select an object type in the box labeled Select a Category, and all objects of that type which are above the horizon on the selected night will be displayed in the box labeled Matching Objects.

In gc-ush-nfocus example we use file name catalog. Can be used to better describe the landscapei. This allows also to include IM in your own command scripts We wished we were in Hawaii.


The process depends on processor speed, image size, your training and — most of all — your requirements in accuracy! The latter means you will be able to see some graphics, but depending on the type of issue you will have some bad graphics.

Rigel Systems usb-nFOCUS : Manual

Else it is similar to fish-eye projection mode. Here you can set atmospheric pressure and temperature which influence refraction see section Find the [gui] section and edit [ gui ] These values are used on Windows primarily. In case you have used different lenses or inadvertently used different focal lengths of a zoom lensyou can assign separate lenses to the images. Light pollution In urban and suburban areas, the sky is brightned by terrestrial light pollution reflected in the atmophere.

When Hugin reads such images, it gc-usb-nficus automati- cally derive focal length, field of view, and exposure differences exposure time, aperture, color balance to create panoramas as easily as possible. The text asvom be superseded by optional description. Sometimes, creating the nadir zone is difficult: While we could also slice an image with interactive tools, higher accuracy and repeatable results can be achieved with command-line programs, which makes the ImageMagick suite the tool of our choice.