Here is my updated lspci. Join us making your favorite media center even better than it already is today. Some clean-up work is required, but in the mean time, here is my assessment of the current Crystal HD status: Crystal HD is also known by other includes. Another adapter has been tested and works for me in a PCIe X1 slot on a normal motherboard and was cheaper than the MP1 adapter:

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They are included in ubuntu That F2 key apparently turns of the mini pci port.

Opening new user[0] handle. Crystal HD is also known by other includes. Client failed to connect to the D-BUS daemon: You should see a line like this when you start playing video: I’m not sure what I should replace it with.

Three ways to do it: Here is my updated lspci. No registered users and 3 guests. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Views Read View source View history.


Actually, the install seems to have worked: I plugged it in the slot which had the atheros wifi card but I am going to check again just to crhstalhd sure. I have the indicator installed as well and it is gray and I guess it is “off’. Mythtv does not currently support the BCM version, the only other version that I am aware of is the BCM which is the half pci-e mini half card.

Linux is my only OS and I watch all my movies crystalh my netbook.

The hroadcom is closed process: There is no listing under hardware in PCC. There is a plugin for gstreamer that supports crystalhd both the 12 and 15 version.

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Works, but you’ll have to run it this way every time. MX already ships with everything needed to build drivers for its kernel, so that step can be skipped. Edit the following line to look like this: I feel a bit silly. Cryshalhd it is a HD video decoder.

Upgrade Your Old Apple TV with Crystal HD Decoder

Why follow a 3 year old blog post? I don’t think you’ll have to install anything besides autoconf.


Did not receive a reply. No D-BUS daemon running gksudo: I try to turn it “on” but I was prompted to enter my password stating that I need it for an administrative function.

Upgrade Your Old Apple TV with Crystal HD Decoder – TBS Online Store Blog

T6 I have found out what the problem was. I will search some more and try to build the driver from source. But I am not sure if it is recognized by my eee pc which is a fully updated KDE4 with the 2. It allows p and p HD played back on a netbook. Locale not supported by C library.

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