See my full review of the Overdriveboost here. Thank you once again, Henryk. This can make gain pedals sound a bit overwhelming and particularely the Big Muff. I apologize for my English. My current setup is an ESP Horizon with an arcane humbucker set with split coil in the bridge position. The Archer is based on the Klon.

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Use a Twin Reverb and a custom passive attenuator from Savage Audio. Most of us have neighbours that puts a stop to that.

Should Gil,ourish get the Tree of Life instead?

Overdrive and distortion |

My current setup is an ESP Horizon with an arcane humbucker set with split coil in the bridge position. Unless the pedal has some rare feature that adds a flavour they glmourish all very similar sounding. Any thoughts on that as well? Yeah, I think he did.

One is a constant in my guitar case for drop-in gigs, but they have a very narrow band of usefulness. Both the Tube Driver and BD2 is close to the Powerbooster but they both have more mids and compression. It goes very well with both the Giilmourish and Lionheart.

Overdrive and distortion

With this video, based on some songs by Pink Floyd maybe you can get an idea. July 1, at 2: That will get you far. To the person who asked how the TD compares to the cornish ss-3….


If I can throw my 2 cents in on the topicthe same happened to me when I first started to experiment with the BK Butler ,and with some tubd I was able to eliminate the humming with iso powervoodoo lab pedal power 2 plus.

Do you have a experience with this pedal?

Another one for you please. Which on eis the most important in this chain? As with any pedal, it all depeneds on the amp and what settings you have on the amp. Have you checked it out so far?

Personally I would go for the Lionheart. Thought I would share my secrets with everyone:.

Do you you think this pedal is similar vk Tube Driver? Here are a few overdrives that I believe would be fantastic with your Vox. Depends on your amp. Bjorn, I love your site! See the amp setup tutorial for more. The Tube Driver can often sound a tad fizzy in the top end and flabby in the lows but the TD-X sounds perfectly balanced and the top end in particular, sound smooth and nicely rounded off for an overall warmer and more dynamic character.

Delay settings depends very much on your amp, guitar and how you set it all up. Its supposed to sound very nice and I was wondering if youve had a chance to check it out. After trying rube a friends though, there can now be no doubt…this tbue what Ive been looking for all this time, I just dident know it till recently.


The Big Muff tone tutorial |

I keep the tube drive level as far down as I can without hurting the bass tone so its mostly cleanand run it with a Boss CS2, TC corona chorus with the warm toneprintand some reverb and delay from a TC Gmajor in the effects loop all of this running through a GCS switcher. If I run the Big Muff into it, I back the drive off to about 8: The fuzz sounds fantastic and is my favorite pedal of all time at this point.

However, do you think something like a analogman bd-2 is anywhere in that area, rotating speakers aside.

I did not make it clear in my first post, I am looking for an overdrive medium or heavy.