Jan 27, 4. I played around with one when they first came out. Also take a look at the Boss OD Play with the settings, I’ve found that with the wrong combination it can sound pretty bad, but if you get it dialed in with the rest of your gear, it can be a nice subtle OD. Below that you can get a great sound.. Log in or Sign up. This is real freakin’ loud, so I use an attenuator to bring the actual volume down to where I need it.

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Pass on the Delta Labs. I use it mostly for country, with the gain pretty low, just to provide that good crunch when I’m not maxing out my amp.

I used it for Country, Classic and a I leave it on when I run my serious gain Not impressive especially when there are several good sounding pedals in that price range includeing the aforementioned Yube SD-1 and Dano Cool Cat series. May 21, 8. Don’t like the Guv’nor huh? In rehearsal though, we like to keep rehearsing volume very low and I use this pedal a lot.

Do you already have an account? Give Delta Labs a try, just ’cause they’re a GC pedal for a low price doesn’t mean they’re terrible.

Anyone have any experience with this pedal? In rehearsal or gigs when stage volume has to be very low, I play right on the floor, touching slot machines at this casino, so we’ve gotta play very very very low and right when it starts to feel good and quiet, turn it down about half again, the delta labs is perfect in this situation.


Discussion in ‘ The Stomp Box ‘ started by rompoJan 26, ProToneThinlineMay 21, These are really good pedals but for low gain. If you’re looking for a tube-like overdrive have a look at the Boss SD-1; it’s one of the best overdrives I’ve tried.

For example, through my blues junior I’ll set volume and master at 6 12 o’clock so that I get a good mild overdrive when I dig in, then roll back the guitar’s volume control yd clean it up.

Jan 26, 3.

Delta lab td1 tube driver: Your opinion please | Telecaster Guitar Forum

May 21, 6. Think country or playing rhythm in classic rock.

If you crank the gain, you’re not gonna like it. I mainly use it to try and match the sound of my Fender PJ when it’s cranked up and those tubes are working, utbe since this is pretty loud, when I want that same sound at a lower volume I can count on my DL TD1. Sounds great for classic rock and modern country.

They’re cheap and sound ok, I can’t imagine it being anything but downgrade from the Guv’nor. There are a number of good sounding pedals in that price range, but only the DL and the Cool Cat offer true bypass.


This is real freakin’ loud, so I use an attenuator to bring the actual volume down to where I need it. I don’t have any experience with the Boss OD, but maybe if I’m happy with the Delta Labs I’ll be blown away by the Boss, but for the money, t’s great and I would replace it immediately if it were lost or stolen. Will ChenJan 27, I’d go so far as to say deltzlab of the best out there.

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I agree with Nash. Excellent bang for the buck as far as I am concerned. In my experience the delta lab pedals are not very good. I have this pedal, it’s found a long-term place in my pedalboard and I don’t have any complaints. Yes, my password is: I think it’s really not a bad TS clone, but you need to keep the gain on the lower side.

May 21, 9. With a quality amp, that pedal really screams and gets you heard in the mix very well.