Keyboard for the Apple pro G5 Great condition very little scuffing. Slide the kickstand supports into the sides from the back and reattach the kickstand. Comparing it to another keyboard without discoloration really shows how yellow it still is. Make some notes, or take pictures of them. This keyboard contained keys ANSI , and retained the single folding leg on the bottom. Requires Mac OS 9. Flip the board over.

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This is being sold as is. DAY 5 I picked up some more supplies.

Apple Pro Keyboard M7803 USB Wired Keyboard

Mini 3 Colors Backlit i8 2. In Julyit was replaced with the full-sized Pro Keyboard, having slightly translucent black keys and a clear case. applf

I’ve been testing it on my MAC for several weeks and it’s working fine with no problems. I let it soak for a little bit more, but it got pretty cloudy and cold later in the day. Bundled with the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh inthis keyboard once again excluded an integrated keypad, though unlike the Adjustable Keyboard none was offered. Significantly lighter than its predecessors, it had a much softer and quieter key interface that was unpopular with many typists.


However, it duplicated the extended design established by keybard Plus. DAY 6 Still no change. It also marked a return to the standard keyboard with integrated keypad with the enhanced cursor keys above the keypad. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Looking back at the pictures that I took yesterday, it looks pretty much the same today as it did on Day 2 and 3.

Finally, replace all the keys. The black lights I have are no match for the strong UV of a hot sunny day. DAY 7 A few hours in the hot sun with a super-super strong solution really made a difference. Taking a cue from the portables, it has an aluminum enclosure, and the USB ports have been, once again, relocated to the right and left ends of the keyboard case. W1 W2 W3 T series bit: A low score will mean that this particular item of hardware is over priced Please login to add your score for Apple Pro Keyboard M Value.

In it was updated to Apple’s new Platinum gray color. The Apple IIe and IIc line continued with integrated keyboards, as did the PowerBook portable line of course, those of the latter being a darker gray color called “Smoke”.


Retrieved April 7, Missing accessories Software, cables, manual, remote, etc. Despite adding more peroxide and Oxy last night, it appears that it did not have any effect. By the time I got home from work all the bubbles were gone and the solution looked pretty neutral.

Apple Keyboard History ⌨

Released as an option specifically for the popular Apple IIe computer init helped correct some of the II series’ shortcomings. Can I Run It. This is a different story.

They have been tested and are in good working order. Has been Tested and is fully functional every key has been individually tested. Global Game Awards It was often aplle for its flimsy construction. I checked on it after about an hour. For parts or not working. Extended keyboard with 2 USB slots. Guaranteed by Thu, Jan 3. Keyboare high Value score will let people know that this hardware is worth its cost.